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Organized medical records are key components in insurance claims processing, clinical trials, and legal proceedings. Establishing a clear timeline of events, key individuals, doctors, and practices is vital to the timely preparation and review of these records. By examining records and arranging them to your specifications, iAGS reduces the time and cost burden traditionally shouldered by internal resources while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Records Retrieval

iAGS record retrieval service is recognized not only for our fast, accurate and reliable record retrieval services, but perhaps more importantly for our outstanding customer service.

Medical Records

Outsourcing to iAGS saves you time and money, while allowing easy and efficient navigation around even the largest most complex medical records.

Medical Transcription

We are a leading source across the global for reliable and cost-effective transcription services as an overflow or turnkey solution.


Welcome to iAGS

IAGS was founded in INDIA in the year 1998 and now we have successfully extended our offering from "Medical Records Review" to "Medical Legal Research". We have highly trained resources equipped to handle cases in the spheres of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Mass Tort Cases. We also have experience in Life insurance underwriting. Further, we are now enhancing our brand equity from Litigation support services to medical legal research to professionals in law firms, corporates providing legal solutions, Drug and Device Manufacturers, Insurance companies, etc. We have our global delivery centers based out of Chennai (India) and Project management teams functioning out of the US/UK and other Geographies.

Law Firms

Our firm provides intensive consultancy and handles litigation of complex nature in pharmaceuticals and health sectors for both national and international clients.

Insurance Companies

Sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to figure out or choose a health insurance company on which you can depend completely for all your health insurance requirements.

Medical-Legal Consultants

Providing emergency advice to healthcare professionals dealing with immediate and challenging situations, being involved in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

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Personal Injury Cases

Compensation Review Cases

Life Insurance Underwriting Cases

Our Services

Our team of medical experts have developed considerable experience in probing into the medical records

Litigation Support Service

From our purpose built, legal document services production department, We have a dedicated Quality Control workflow iAGS produces a full range of supporting information for our client's legal matters.

Medical-Legal Record Retrieval

iAGS record retrieval service is recognized not only for our fast, accurate and reliable record retrieval services, but perhaps more importantly for our outstanding customer service.

Medical Expense Analysis

iAGS medical billing professionals produce a variety of medical billing summaries and analysis that provide a complete and critical review of all the medical expenses associated with your case.

Medical Transcription

iAGS is dedicated to transcribing your exact words, on time, for less money. We are a leading source across the global for reliable and cost-effective transcription services as an overflow or turnkey solution.

Life Insurance Underwriting

Well founded underwriting guidelines and a thorough review of an applicant's medical history enable insurers to provide their customers with competitive pricing while minimising risk.

Medical Records Indexing

Outsourcing to iAGS saves you time and money, while allowing easy and efficient navigation importance of properly organized medical records around even the largest most complex medical records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does iAGS do?

    iAGS specializes in helping litigation attorneys, corporate general counsel and insurance companies better manage and quantify litigation risk, contain costs and improve decisions that result in more favorable outcomes for their firms and clients.

    Our record retrieval service helps clients retrieve the needed records for their complex litigations. We help by saving on the cost and turnaround time it takes to obtain requested records as well as help our customers control litigation costs.

  • Turnaround: Our rapid turnaround means you'll get the requested records when you need them or sooner. All orders are processed within one business day and our extensive provider database means that we may already have experience working with your provider(s) and know their requirements which assures you of the best possible turnaround available in the industry.

    Accuracy: Our penchant for accuracy means that you will receive the best work product available. Each record that we receive is reviewed for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Many of our clients also have us review them for additional providers which may also provide unknown information sources that can drastically affect your case.

    Experience: Our experience will help make your job easier. Our staff has been involved in requesting nearly every type of record you could possibly need. We frequently help our clients decide which types of providers they need to contact and what types of records they need to concentrate on requesting.

    Staff Utilization: We have years of experience and the infrastructure in place to scale up for large litigation projects. Outsourcing this function to iAGS allows your staff to concentrate on your core business.

  • Our knowledgeable and well trained medical professionals have 8 - 12 years of experience translating and summarizing medical and billing records for litigation attorneys and paralegals. We help them gain a better understanding of the facts of their cases with clear and concise actionable reviews and analysis allowing counsel to manage expanded caseloads and to focus on the litigation strategy. Insights developed not only assist in creating case strategies, but also in anticipating opposing counsel arguments.

      What we do:
    • Expertly prepare customized medical chronologies, extractions and time lines
    • Prepare pre and post injury symptom reports
    • Identify possible alternative causation
    • Find pre-existing or aggravation of pre-existing conditions
    • Discover missing or manipulated records
    • Explain and simplify medical issues and terminology
    • Detect additional sources of medical information
    • Medical billing review and analysis
  • iAGS was founded in 1998, had legal support service to document management firms and when trying to retrieve medical records for cases, realized the need for a high quality litigation services firm that could efficiently retrieve records for litigation organizations. We understand the litigation process and the importance of trial dates, discovery and expert report deadlines. We get you the information you need when you need it so you can be prepared.

    • Medical
    • Billing
    • Pathology
    • Find pre-existing or aggravation of pre-existing conditions
    • Payroll
    • Employment/Personnel
    • Insurance Claims
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Financial Court Records
    • Education
    • Radiology/ X-Ray Films
    • Telephone
    • Police
    • Ambulance
    • Pharmacy
    • Incident Reports
    • Accident Reports
    • Federal (IRS, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, VA, etc.)
    • State and Local (Income Tax, Property Tax, etc.)
  • Our flexible ordering process is designed to be user friendly and accommodate virtually any preference that you may have. We accept orders via phone, fax, and email or through our secure, online web portal. For large mass tort litigation we can also customize an order entry process utilizing spreadsheet templates. We may even be able to interface with your case management software which has the potential of generating new orders at the touch of a button.

  • Yes, just let your dedicated case manager know when you need them and we'll follow up with the needed providers to get them as soon as possible.

  • Yes. Each customer is assigned a dedicated case manager who is available to answer any questions or concerns. We also provide you with access to our secure, online web portal, which provides you with real-time, 24/7 status updates in our tracking database.

Mr. Arunagiri

Founder & Associate Director - Operations

In this role, he ensures that iAGS offerings reflect market trends and customer needs, and he is also responsible for the Company's long-term Strategic Planning and Strategic Partnerships.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan

Operations - Director

Over 15 years of experience in the Insurance industry, worked with both a broker agency and insurance companies. Have managed large operations teams, both people and processes - all with very high levels of integrity.

Mr. Alagu


As Chief Executive Officer for iAGS Healthcare, Mr. Alagu has been in the IT Industry since 1998. He successfully built various businesses that involved innovative use of technology.

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